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#Midlife     Jennifer comes to a desperately horrific and hysterical conclusion to help navigate her midlife crisis.


Two friendly acquaintances are experiencing midlife crises on different sides of a series of murder mysteries. One is trying to commit the perfect murder, the other is intent on finding and stopping the criminal.

Our protagonist is less attractive than she could be, and she's convinced it's her fault. Some nights she is terrified of going to sleep because she is afraid of what she will dream. Some days she starts drinking at 8 am. She is living a stuck existence. There's only one way up.

One of her closest friends is a retired homicide detective. Over the years as he and his team would solve murders, they would put together copious notes in leather binders - the Kill Books. To keep their minds sharp, the detectives would meet after each closed case and figure out in vivid detail what should have changed during the investigations so that each killer would have gotten away with the perfect murder.

Jennifer needs a major change. Jennifer has access to these books. Now we have ourselves a plot.


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Profile picture of Jennifer Baxley.

Jennifer Baxley, CBAP, AIT is owner of Severien, a boutique IT consulting firm that provides software consulting and applications support for a wide variety of clients.

Prior to founding Severien in October 2002, Jennifer worked for a global technology company in a number of consulting roles. She has extensive experience in project and client management, product development and data analysis, and client and staff education. Through Severien, she has provided 14 internships to local college students in technology since 2006.

Jennifer joined Midlands Technical College in early 2013 as an adjunct instructor in Corporate and Continuing Education. She has developed curriculum for many classes offered by Midlands Technical College including CSS3 Advanced, JavaScript, the Front End Web Development Lab, three classes in Business Analysis, and PHP & MySQL. Most recently she taught a 6 month course in Java.

In 2010 Jennifer won the first Palmetto Pillar Award for Technology in the Arts by the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce and the Information Technology Council (ITC) for her Pawmetto Lifeline music video project. In 2015 Jennifer also won the award for Outstanding Continuing Education Adjunct Instructor from the South Carolina Association for Higher Continuing Education.

She is the creator of Midlife.