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Automotive Service Enterprise, INC. Automotive Services Enterprise, Inc

Automotive Service Enterprise Inc performs thousands of automotive inspections for extended warranty, insurance companies and personal consumers. Their site demands an ever growing Sql Server database, employs the usage of a powerful image & video uploader, photo gallery software, a billing and announcements section, with three user levels for their clients and personnel.

First Sun EAP First Sun EAP

First Sun EAP's website employs the usage of a secured layer for internal use and reporting as well as client forms. Data is collected into online databases and notifies personnel by email automation for quick delivery for their clients' needs.

South Carolina State Fair and Gamecock Parking Gamecock Parking Online

The South Carolina State Fair has a complex system of multiple websites that perform user-initiated functions as well as a management and reporting side. One of their many sites includes reserving and paying for parking during the Gamecock Football Season.

Floralife Floralife

Floralife employs the use of multiple platforms and subdomains. Recently they added a WordPress blog to their website created in CodeIgniter. Floralife has three different environments, plus a mobile site that all employ the use of multiple languages and a customizable content management system.

Central SC Alliance Central SC Alliance

Central SC Alliance needed temporary technical support to export notes records from archived SQL Server databases in order to update their brand new Microsoft CRM solution. After unsuccessful attempts by other vendors, they turned to Severien.

First Sun EAP Excent

Excent's provides multiple solutions for data collection and analysis for state education systems. Excent required work with SQL Server SSIS programing for data conversions, updates and manipulations from multiple legacy systems to their newly branded Enrich systems.

System Wide Solutions

System Wide Solutions develops and maintains online databases and software systems using a proprietary software package: Grantee Evaluation Management System (GEMS®). SWS collects and reports complex data for grantee reporting, quality improvement, and evaluation.

Mack Home MACK Home

MACK Home requires a comprehensive and seamless e-commerce solution that can provide timely updates and social media connections to their ever-growing client base.